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Welcome To Kingsway

Why Church?


Because church is people, not a building. Relationships, not entertainment. Relationships that build us up and challenge us, and help us support and care for each other.

So we take time for Church...for the people who make up our community of faith, our family, our friends. Our church gathering is a specific time to meet up together so we can encourage and be encouraged by each other; it's a time to learn more about Jesus and his love for us and for others; a time to learn how we can live out that love to the best of our abilities.


Sunday mornings at 10:30 is when we take time for Church. 


And Sunday morning together is great, but we also need a consistent place to connect even more deeply with each other on a more personal level. So we also take time for Church through LifeGroups.

LifeGroups are...

Home Groups  / Chinese and Filipino Fellowship Groups / we have groups who are doing video series and Bible studies, we have a Youth Group for teens, Kids Groups online on Sunday mornings for now -- and hopefully more groups and more opportunities will grow as things re-open and our volunteer base grows. 


EMAIL or CALL us to learn about Kingsway LifeGroups

Burnaby, BC   604-437-3748