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Transformed People, Transforming Our Community

"But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you —see that you also excel in this grace of giving." (2 Corinthians 8:7)

At Kingsway, we encourage all who follow Christ to worship him by giving tithes and offerings as God directs.

Seek him, and cheerfully give back as He leads.

Tithing is a spiritual discipline of regularly giving a portion of one's income to God, putting him first and trusting him in and with our finances. 

Offerings are giving extra as God leads. When we find ourselves in abundance, we can give to help others. We encourage you to designate offerings above your regular tithes as God guides and as you are able. 


Designate offerings to any of our giving initiatives like Christmas Giving Projects, Missions, "Meet-The-Need" or our Angie Park Memorial Fund (visit our Meet-The-Need page for more about these funds that support those in need in our local community and within our church community).

You can give ONLINE via e-transfer, or IN-PERSON by debit or cash/cheque at our Giving Station, or through the GIVING APP (which costs the church 3% in processing fees). Please note that designated funds, upon completion of a project, may be directed to general funds.

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GIVE via


Through your online banking,

send your giving by email to:

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GIVE via


Church Center online app:

Also available as an app for your phone - search for "Church Center" in your App Store.

Note: this option costs the Church approximately 3% in processing fees.

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