At Kingsway we value children and believe it's important to instill in them that they are loved by Jesus, they can have a friendship with Him, and they can be used by Him to show others God's love.

HAPPY EASTER, KINGSWAY KIDS! Pick up an Escape room pack and  Easter Goodie Bag from the church office!

Here are our Kids Resources to go with your APRIL box 2021
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17. A little Servant girl and the proud General

18. Operation No More Tears

19. Daniel and the scary sleepover

Here are our Kids Resources for MARCH/SPRING BREAK 2021
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At-Home ideas & resources 

Download our at-home resources for games and activity ideas, using things you'll have around the house. 


Learn any of these verses over Spring Break and we'll send you a prize in the mail!  

Memory Verse Videos

Boredom Busters

Need some ideas of what to do? Pick one of these!

  • Build something out of the contents of your recycling bin. You could make an animal, or a rocket pack, or a house for one of your toys!

  • Map out a race track around your house. You're the car! On your marks, get set, GO! Try and beat your best time, or come up with as many ways to move around the track as your can (hop, crawl, dance!)

  • Make an outfit out of newspaper or toilet roll!

  • Make Salt Dough


  • Design an Island! Draw it, or build it out of LEGO. What's it like? What's your house like there? Does your island have a name?

  • With Mom or Dad's help, look for a 'Learn to Draw for Kids' tutorial on YouTube. There are so many great videos teaching you how to draw cartoons, animals and more!  

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