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It's Christmas, let's give!

Give financially...

Use our regular giving options and mark your donation for "Christmas Giving Projects" or "Christmas Hampers" or "Inner Hope".

(Visit our Give page for giving options.)

...get involved!


For those connected to our Kingsway community who may not be able to provide the "holiday extras" this year, we want to bless them with a gift of a Christmas Hamper. Christmas Hampers are a special Christmas package of foods and presents. We ask you to give financially to help us build these packages.

...If you personally know of someone who would be blessed by a Kingsway Christmas Hamper, fill out this form. 

Hopefully we can provide for every person nominated, but depending on the funds received, there may be a limited number of hampers we can provide this year. 


--> Note that the names of anyone receiving hampers will remain confidential to only Kingsway staff working on this project, and specific volunteers who may be delivering hampers.

The way it works: 

With the financial giving received, we will purchase items. And then on a specific day (stay tuned for the date!), we will gather to assemble the Christmas Hampers, and I'm sure have a great time connecting during the process. We will then deliver the completed Christmas Hampers.


We're supporting Inner Hope, an organization that journeys alongside youth and their families in East Vancouver nurturing hope, belonging, and growth. We partner by providing gifts for the kids and teens connected with Inner Hope. Many of them will not receive many special gifts this Christmas, so the gifts we give will be such a blessing.

Inner Hope Youth Ministries. A place of hope, belonging and growth for youth and families in East Vancouver impacted by intergenerational trauma.
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